About us

Amudha decors was established in the year 1997 by Mr.K.SIVAKUMAR, who is a post graduate and have an experience about 10years in the similar professional.

We gave a fine touch for the canopys and awnings with latest technology and latest materials like polycarbonate, aluminium, PVC fabric and tensile fabric, these are the materials which were rarely used for canopys and awnings in the past.

This is the new trend to attract the architects and through them our products has been launched. We are also doing coated steel roofing for the industries and factories.

For the last 10years we had never looked back and our list of prestiges clients goes on increasing because of our service and quality of the product.

Our Projects

Residential Roofing

Car Parking

Window Roofing

Terrace Structure

Building Cladding

Our Clients